Building Your Website with Freewebbuilders & WordPress: Which One to Choose and Should You Hire a Professional?

When Freewebbuilders and WordPress appeared in a digital world, developers felt like having less work. However, website creators are still hired. And even if a company employs the developers they use the same building tools: Freewebbuilders or WordPress.

Here the question arises – perhaps you should learn how the two helpers work and save money? Which variant is better: to hire a website creator or use web tools on your own. If you are at a loss this article may come in handy. Here you’ll see the differences and will make a suitable decision.

Your Website is Born Thanks to WordPress and Freewebbuilders

WordPress has greatly revolutionized during the last decade. At first, it appeared as a blogging platform. At present, it is able to cope with any task: blogs, online shops, photography website, business magazines, portfolios etc.

Why is WordPress a good platform? There is no need for coding. This fact makes it unique as many websites are created by means of themes and plugins. WordPress allows you to choose a theme and add the amount of pages you want. However, the WordPress is not flexible enough to modify the design. In such a case, you will need to alter the whole theme.

Another important issue arises: third-party people develop the themes and you don’t know whether your current content will be consistent with a new template. Apart from it, you have to work on the new theme formation: select fonts, background scheme, colors.

Besides it, WordPress has an advantage: great extensibility. The plugins enable you to pack your website with any feature you want. For instance, with WooCommerce you can develop online shops without writing any codes.

As we’ve already understood the main disadvantage of WordPress is lack of flexibility. That is the category where freewebbuilders hold the first place.

Themes form the basis for further work (the same as with WordPress). However, the building process differs completely. The principle of their functionality is based on a drag and drop interface. Such function makes you a powerful developer since you can create pages to your liking. Weebly, Squarespace, Web etc. correspond to the description.

The process of web formation may be time-consuming because you can change, move, add, delete the tiniest element. Time is not a big deal as time expenditures result in a product of high quality. Now, we have approached the most meaningful question: WordPress or Freewebbuilders create a website of higher quality? Undoubtedly, an experienced user with a freewebbuilder can easily develop a cooler website than using WordPress. Another difference lies in the price. You will pay only once for templates while with freewebbuilders a monthly payment is needed (10$ per month).

Hire a Developer or Not?

A professional programmer is like a magician for people hiring him for the first time. He is able to carry out anything you aspire to. The developer will suggest you a vast range of possible designs even if any idea hasn’t occurred to you yet. Any asked question will be intelligibly explained.

There are several drawbacks despite the bright picture you have envisioned in your mind. Certainly, a qualified developer might cost you a fortune. You’ll probably spend a month and a few thousands of dollars on a website creation. It is more than likely you will be totally pleased with the result: your site will be a unique one full with features you wanted. However, the amount of money you have to pay may be sky-high. It mainly concerns people with limited budget because each sum of money is already allotted to a certain idea. Such ideas risk not being materialized if a hired developer gets down to creating your website.

One more issue you have to consider is interviewing. You might interview dozens of developers before finding a good one. If you are going to hire a freelancer, ask him to present his previous projects. Interview several guys to define a competitive price. There is one more variant if any candidate seems unlikely to achieve goals you have set. Hire a studio as it is a reliable way to yield amazing results. You will pay a lot as well but you will be sure of getting a site you’ve dreamt of.

Let’s Conclude

It may be hard to make a decision that is why we will briefly sum the article up. There is no need to pay a lot and you will have a full control over your site by means of freewebbuilders. Any element will be easily added or deleted. However, you may spend more days on website creation in comparison with WordPress. It will do the job quickly. There is a great choice of themes. All you need is to add your content. Remember, that WordPress is not flexible so it might be a problem to alter your design. Nevertheless, it is the best variant if you are not going to develop layouts.

In practice, unexperienced users are able to develop simple sites on their own. Everything depends on a purpose you’re pursuing. It would be illogical to hire a professional if you want to create a blog for pleasure. There are many handbooks, guidelines, videos on how to DIY site.

Though big companies will likely to employ a qualified developer as they dispose of large sums of money. Such people underpin their real business with a virtual one. To earn means to invest. Projects like these don’t imply saving on a developer. However, even big companies don’t want to overpay. You need to interview candidates and compare their projects and prices in order to prevent yourself from making an enormous payment. Yes, it may take some time but the result will be worth it.

P.S. We have presented the up-to-date information which may alleviate your doubts. On no account do we impose our point of view. It is a neutral opinion based on people experience. You may either agree with us or not.