Great Tools to Help You Buy an Ideal Domain Name

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Getting a domain name for your project can be challenging. It is a common problem when a perfect domain name that suits your service the best is already in the inventory of some other company or costs too much. One way or another, researching, checking, and buying a good domain can become a real problem.

We have gathered a list of effective domain name generators and accessibility checkers, which will help you find and verify a desired domain name. So enjoy!

FreeWebBuilder recommends domain name generators

Name Mesh

Name Mesh is a one of the most full-blast domain generators available. It is comprehensible and pretty simple – just type your desired search term and get a list of results sorted into 8 different categories, including New, Short, Common, Extra, SEO, Similar, Mix and Fun.

You can adjust your request the way you want, experimenting with maximum character length and viewing unavailable names. As for the results, you will be amazed by a number of them: the more you scroll, the more variants appear in each column.

Choose the preferred one, check whether it is available, and click to register. Name Mesh even allows users to create personal accounts and bookmark different picks. There is a separate option for  startup companies, that filters your suggestions through the particular search lens.

Domains Bot

Domain Bot is a pretty advanced tool and requires a little bit more understanding of domain names usage.

First, you have to come up with a central word, enter it into the search bar, and get a thousands of combinations that use prefixes/suffixes, synonyms, and TLDs. You can adjust the results by adding or removing these categories. The TLD category can be filtered separately, to let you choose whether to include TLD extensions, which can help you make a great domain hack.

The best thing about Domains Bot is that it shows the real-time accessibility of the domain options, as well as relevant Facebook and Twitter to-boot handles. To choose something that suits you best, you can click the “Available” button and see the selection of 20+ names to buy.

Lean Domain Search

Just type in a word, real or made up and Lean Domain Search will generate a great deal of relevant results, using common words and suitable prefixes/suffixes. You can sort the results by popularity or alphabet.

Also, you can adjust the results by having your search word “end” or “beginning” of  suggested options, or store the offered results in your personal clipboard. At the moment when you are ready to register a certain result, just click the green button.

Lean Domain Search will offer you to create a WordPress account using your chosen domain. This is because this tool belongs to WordPress, of course.

Domain Hole

In addition to an extended and advanced domain search, there is also a name spinner that provides a deal of the other capabilities of Domain Hole. You can adjust the search results by matching your parameters to specific themes. Also, there is a name generator that provides random brand-able results without your participation. There are iPhone and iPad applications for this tool, too.


Panabee is full of different opportunities. The domain suggestions you will get through this tool will be brand-able and unique, just like the tool itself. Type in a word or a couple of words and get an extended result list that contains new words created by means of reversing, swapping, appending, and prepending them.

There is also a range of opportunities to customize your list. For example, Panabee will check social media to suggest related user names if they are available; you are free to overwite your present search with a relevant term; and see whether your domain coincides with already developed Google or Apple application stores.


NameVine is simple and even enjoyable tool. Type your main word and see the results appear, which you can extend by scrolling down the page.

Once you have selected a preferred domain, the tool will check it for availability and notify whether .us and .com variants, as well as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Pinterest handles are accessible. Try going to “Settings” and selecting an “All extensions” option, which adds more relevant domain names to choose from.


Impossibility and simple, clear, and fast. You have to specify whether you need a noun, adjective, or verb and how many characters should be additionally applied (4-6) to create a prefix or a suffix of the word you have chosen. You can save the preferred domains and create a list of favorites to make the domain buying process even more efficient.

Name Stall

Name Stall is a full-fledged domain generator that provides a great deal of possibilities. This tool is a little bit less user-friendly than the previous ones, however it offers a lot of exclusive search models and options to choose from. However, to sue this one regularly, you have to purchase the unlimited and full access and pay for a monthly membership.

This domain generator tool will help you match your word/phrase with different word groups present at the drop-down menu. You are free to choose from the most widely-used and common words, different parts of speech, and a great deal of various niches. The set of handful additional search options will impress you. These include Rhyming Name Generator, Brainstorm Section, Random Keyword Names section, etc. Also, you can use this tool for brandables, domain hacks, and high paying keywords.

We have tried many choices from the provided list, and we are convinced that all of these tools are efficient and extended, you just have to choose the one that suits your particular needs. Benefit from the services offered by almost every tool from the list, including domain generation, social media username checker, registrar support, and other built-in features. What more do a beginning startup entrepreneur needs?

Which one is the tool of your choice? Don’t forget to tell us in the comments about that! And let your domain creations be fast, cool, and simple!