Help Me Create My Blog: Useful Tips

The soaring popularity of blog websites prompted the emergence of new platforms. The process of blog creation was greatly simplified. People already forgot about coding and other things associated with programming. Experienced users and novices are used to dealing with WordPress. But when it comes to creating a blog it must be the first platform that occurs to people. This is really a powerful tool which is able to create nearly any possible website. Despite its mighty, there are many other cool freewebbuilders worth users’ attention. helps you turn your dream into reality. They are easy to navigate thanks to a convenient the drag and drop function. Even if you haven’t dealt with Freewebbuilder before, your intuition will pave your way to the design and layout you’ve dreamt of. It is worth mentioning that Freewebbuilder practically doesn’t depend on plugins. It makes them more trustworthy and reliable. What is more, the loading speed is increased.

Which Freewebbuilder to Choose

Whichever builder you select it has its advantages and disadvantages. Some building tools are perfect for Internet shop website but they are imperfect for an educational one. Certainly, there are great platforms for blog creation.

Follow our pieces of advice as not to be at a loss (if you share our opinion, of course). We have weighed the pros and cons and arrived at a conclusion. The following tools are considered to be the top ones:

  • Squarespace
  • Weebly

As you know, great result requires suitable tools. We have cited currently the most fashionable freewebbuilders. Before choosing the one, you should already know what result you are trying to get.

Provide Yourself with Answers to 7 Important Questions

Each of the builders allows you to have a free account or a trial version, at least. Test them in order to select the best one that matches your needs. So, the following list of questions should be clearly answered if you don’t want your efforts to go in vain.

  • Is a freewebbuilder easy to navigate for an unexperienced user?
  • Will a new post be easily created?
  • Can posts be grouped according to a certain time-frame?
  • Will it be simple for a user to comment a blog article?
  • How can previous posts be found?
  • Can your posts be updated by means of your phone?
  • Is the freewebbuilder consistent with different social media platforms?

It might seem unimportant for a novice. However, these points are crucial as far as blog creation is concerned. The freewebbuilders we’ve mentioned contain all the listed features. So, you can get down to work being confident that you won’t break down at some point.

Success of your endeavor depends on how easy you manage your blog. It’s clear that you need to update your posts on a regular basis. That is why stay focused on the content. Make it readable and interesting. You needn’t worry about the design as there are many templates to choose from.

Squarespace and Web will perfectly suit your needs as they possess strong blog features. Wix and Weebly are weaker tools compared to the mentioned above.

The Process of Blog Creation

Let’s get started once you have decided on the platform. Consider the following tips as not to re-do your blog. Take time and determine the way your website should look like. The first thing you deal with is a font. In other words, the font is your own handwriting. If it is illegible your chances for success get lower. Actually, your content and how it is written have the greatest effect on your readers. Therefore, mind the font as not to put an off-putting impression on them.

The next point that plays an important role is a color scheme. Use your logic in order to make the right choice. The topic of your content should correlate with the main color. Soft palette is a perfect option if you present poetry and nice stories. Garish paints would be an illogical decision doomed to failure.

However, you will need flashy colors if your blog tells about news and interviews of famous people. For instance, no one will pay attention to a divorce rumor once you have chosen a beige color. Next About and Contact pages should be created. Let your visitors get to know you better. Leave your e-mail or link at your social pages in case people want to exchange some ideas with you. Remember that the more visitors you have, the more popular you become. So, try to post the info making people to come back to. Keep in mind easy navigation system as well!

After that, you can start working on the blog itself. Squarespace is able to create a few pages. There you can place the content for different topics of your blog. The built-in blog manager will help you cope with design issues. The number of articles you will place are displayed on separate web-pages. Don’t be thrift on space. Make your blog look fashionable and readable.

If you are using other freewebbuilders you’re likely to create each page. So to say each page for each article should be created individually. It is a bit inconvenient but it shouldn’t be a time-consuming procedure. Template page is at your disposal so you can just copy and paste it. Yeah, you’re right! It is really simple!

Becoming More Successful is Your Constant Aim

The creation of a popular blog starts from the very beginning. What we mean is the right choice of a freewebbuilder. In fact, the freewebbuilder you’ll chosen predetermines the functionality and look of your blog further. People who want to make money on blogs should invest in order to earn. You’d better not economize on a web builder that have the features you need. Are you afraid of losing your money? Okay, we have a comforting answer to you – use a trial version (it’s free!). Keep moving once you’re sure that your blog will lucrative.