How to Create Compelling Content that Converts

Stand out among equals

Creating ways to stand out in the online market is a task that requires professional help as every company on the Internet shouts about how great they are. To compete in this type of environment specialists have turned to content marketing due to its softer sell side is working more effectively than the buy now approach. People are tired of unknown retailers constantly telling them to make immediate purchases with more of them getting interested in the origins of your product and quality of your services. A more ethical approach to sales is at the foremost of modern sales techniques.

This technique lets you promote your business by showing your strengths and establishing your brand in your field.  Try to gain the trust of your buyers by engaging them with you in a conversation. Now it’s not you telling them what to buy, instead you are trying to understand your potential customers’ needs and wants, and cater to them in a beneficial for you the way. Such conversations ultimately lead to the greater value of your business in the eyes of consumers and make them return for more purchases.

Real-life experiences

Many companies take this advice too literally and create huge swathes of stories and talks about their products, by even introducing special interactive characters that customer can ask anything related to the products you sell. This works just fine with hard-core fans. The drawback of this tactic is that it establishes a permanent content clutter regular customers have to plow through to get the info they want. Oftentimes this causes loss of interest and makes them go elsewhere in their search. Don’t try to offer a complete profile of the product. It’s enough to give an informative overview and support the chat pertaining to it with a few apprehensible facts and figures. Writing a 100 page manual on the product takes too much time and effort, and at the end of the day, such resources are spent in vain.

How to achieve great conversions

Employ emotions to motivate. You are tired of hearing about getting people excited about your product. But many forget that strong feeling should motivate, they are only the means o boost purchasing power. The goal of your writing team is not to make people cry you a river. It is as good as a circus. Good content makes people a strong need to desire, buy and share your product with others.

Add urgency to buy

The good old trick of limitation on the number of purchases available is still working, but only if you actually follow through with it. People will feel cheated on when they see the same offer in a week when they thought it was only for a day.

For example, you can offer an eBook with all the latest fashion pieces and articles about them free-of-charge for the first 100 people. They will only need to provide their email addresses. The likely result will be that those spots will go fast, and cause virality. And you can use these email addresses to send targeted offers and increase revenue.

Increase content relevancy

Write the content your reader wants. Content that is genuinely appealing to the needs of potential buyers will you make them more likely to buy from you. Look at your competitors and use relevant pictures and product descriptions without straying too far. There is no need to have too many pictures when selling rubber boots, but when pushing latest earrings abundance of high-quality will benefit the sales.

Improve the clarity

Providing customers with clear and concise content lets you communicate the inner value of the items on sale in an understandable way. If your goal is to simply spit out your own thoughts on marketing, you may gain readers, but not sales. The reason is that in order to write selling content it needs to raise awareness of the item on offer. The product description needs to benefit your reader, and help them choose the item they want, rather than simply informing them on product characteristics.

Add another voice to boost content viability

It’s not uncommon to see unknown companies working with renowned brands and supporting their marketing efforts. The main reason why such not so famous companies have been chosen is that they have a team of good content marketers that are able to interact with industry influencers on social media in a personal and appealing way. By doing this, they become influencers as well and improve conversion rates.

As for your business, disregarding how large or small it is, you need to utilize the same technique and create an influencer of your own in the niche you occupy. Your potential buyers, readers, and leads will be more willing to buy if they are sure of your company’s legitimacy and associate you with a public person they know about.

Using SEO

Search Engine Optimization is used in content marketing to place your article among the top Google searches for your product.  This means you have to use the service of a professional who can find and optimize the best keywords to rank your site among the best in the industry. Over 30% of sales are initiated through Google search feed. Meaning that if your site’s content is not SEO optimized it won’t show up as often as it should when users are typing in your product name in the search field.

But it’s not simply about having proper words in right places. They should supplement the high-quality content of your site. Once again, focus on providing value to your customers regarding what they read and how useful that information is. Don’t forget that it should be entertaining and informative to boost conversion. Some businesses may focus too much on SEO and forget that they are still writing for the audience. If the site is SEO optimized to the fullest extent but the text looks more like gibberish, it won’t bring you the profit you need.