How to Make Your Online Store Attract Even More Customers

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Today we are going to examine some tactics that will help you make your website more attractive to potential buyers. Every person who has an online store should have a strategy for growth and you have to realize that strategy is different from tactics. You have to use the following order: define your objective, come up with a strategy, and then think about the tactics. Let’s say, I am an owner of a shop that sells products for pets:

  • Objective – attract 2000 pet owners;
  • Strategy – You love your Kitties and Doggies;
  • Tactics – Cat Toy Sale, Instagram Christmas Photos of Your Pet, Pet Care Weekly Newsletter, etc.

First, you have to define your aim, come up with a strategy, and take actions that help you bring your strategy to life. In today’s article we will observe some tactics you can use to get more buyers for your store.

Have a sale

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Everybody customer loves discounts! This strategy is highly-effective in obtaining new clients and retaining regular ones. Find out your buyer acquisition expense and this will help you realize how much of a discount you can afford to attract new clients. Inform your users about that via social network and your store website. Of course, some of your customers will stay with your shop, while the others are just deal-hunters and they won’t have a long-term business relationships with you and your shop.

Announce a competition

Offer your clients some interesting competition and you will see that it is a fun and simple way to spread the popularity of your store. However, be sure to keep the competition relevant to the brand. Don’t launch a “cute kitties and pups” competition if you sell ladies underwear. Make a voting and you will make your brand popular among a great number of new people, because your participants will ask friends, relatives, and colleagues to vote.

Provide free samples

Lowering the barrier for a client to try out your services or products is a great idea. Of course, this is not economically profitable depending on the product you offer, but you should try offering free samples to your clients to build better brand confidence and loyalty.

Try partnering

but niche-relevant partner is an effective way to get new clients. You can make it as simple as just a traffic exchange. Partner up with a popular website, put your advertising banner to get ore traffic to your online shop, and pay a partner for every click to your banner.

Create useful and targeted blog posts

Do not underestimate the power of interesting and useful content. Writing interesting, authoritative, and useful blog posts in your online shop’s blog will bring significant dividends after a period of time. High-quality and targeted posts will increase your SEO results and bring more organic traffic to your store. Also, valuable content will encourage your clients to share it via social media. So run a blog as a part of your marketing strategy and use it to the full.

Propose something new

It is obvious, but offering new products is an effective way to capture a large segment of new-coming customers. It is really simple. You can create new offers even without adding a new product, for example repacking, repositioning, or repricing the current product.

Launch advertisement

Advertisement is one of the most common and basic forms of attracting audience to your service or product but make sure to use the most of it. Try experimenting with Google Adwords to realize how much you want to spend on your advertising strategy and improve your targeting.

Make the most of social media

An effective marketing strategy cannot go without social media. Your aim is not just to make people visit your store, it is participating in a range of communication channels that your customers use regularly, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other widely-used services. Pick the channels and networks that fit your business and use them wisely – remember, social media are not designed to help you sell your products or services, it is there to create interesting and appealing stories and useful information about your business that people will like and share.

Make first-time purchase attractive

Offering juicy first-time deals along with free additional features and discounts is great to convert your visitors to buyers. Most online stores have first-time discounts and other beneficial offers. This is effective, but make sure that it is clear and obvious what your clients are going to get if they order right now.

Referral programs

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One of the best ways to attract new clients is launching a referral program and encouraging your clients to invite their friends to your service. This method works well, because a recommendation from a person you trust has significantly more credibility than any other advertisement. When you succeed in this tactic, all marketing will be done by your clients, so you will have an opportunity to focus on developing and improving your store instead of trying to bring new clients to it. As a rule, if your service or product is really great, referral programs work organically. So make sure to offer affordable prices, high quality, and great customer support – these will ensure your success. The simplest way to use referral programs is when your store or service has a referral software – this will automate the process and encourage the current customers to use your services, tell their friends about it, and be rewarded.

As you see, there is a great range of channels that help you communicate with your audience better and you should use them to the maximum! Just make sure that your choose the tactics that suit your particular niche and do your best to attract new clients and retain regular ones by making a great offer one cannot refuse. Good luck!