Why Should You Try Using Website Builder Apps?

Image via https://cobaltapps.com

Image via https://cobaltapps.com

Today mobile applications play a significant role in our everyday life. Since tablets and mobile phones can compete with laptops and desktop computers, it is natural that developers create great software for the handheld devices. If you think about it, your phone is not just a phone anymore – it is a small computer which has a lot of memory, great processing power and speed. What was unthinkable and fantastic a decade ago, becomes reality today.

But how is that related to the website building? Once we have to spend too much time using our pocket computers, we need to have advanced software for all of life’s emergencies. You never know when you need a certain program. Therefore it is a good idea to keep it on your phone, not only PC. If you use the website builder, working with it from your phone or tablet can take too much traffic, while the visual elements will be loading too slow. The things are quite the opposite when you have a special application.

Today we will discuss the advantages of using a website builder application instead of a browser.

Website builder app – do I really need it?

Website builder applications serve to let you create a website while using a mobile device. This sounds a little bit strange and you must be thinking: will I ever need it? You never know, it depends on your business-specific needs and issues. For instance, if you are a popular blogger or an online newspaper owner, you have to publish news while they are fresh. It is a common practice to use a tablet or a phone instead of a laptop to do that. This is a fast and convenient way to stay active no matter where you are.

But let’s be more specific. How a website builder application can help you? We have mentioned that apps work fast and but does it make sense to use them instead of a PC? You cannot use a keyboard and a mouse, but you need this hardware badly when you create websites. How is it possible to work and create sites using only hand gestures over a small screen?

Well, if you can work using your mobile devices, then website builder app could be a perfect choice for you. With some apps, you will be able to forget about your PC once and for all and edit your site using a phone whenever you want and wherever you are. This options are especially great for entrepreneurs and freelancers, since they offer even more freedom and flexibility.

Of course, builder apps vary and have different structure, so you should choose the one that suits you best. For example, Wix and Weebly are site builders that use “drag and drop” structure and using them in a mobile mode can be even more convenient and natural than using them on your PC.
You might think that publishing fresh content and other updates while you are using a phone is a regular practice, while applying some significant edits is a bit awkward. Website builders provide a broad range of functionality, but should you use the app for any case and just close your laptop and never open it again? You are the only one who knows the answer. However, if you believe that having an opportunity to edit your website when you are not on a PC is a good idea, then a site builder app is exactly what you need.

The capacities of website builder apps

The applications are all easy to use, but how effective are they? We have examined a couple of website builder apps offered by the most popular companies and realized that our conclusion splits off. Some developers have included all possible features in the product, while the others have created mobile applications to help you add content when you have no other choice but a mobile device.

Everything depends on your personal needs but is always better to have a large scope of features rather than a small one. With that said, relying on your mobile device to make significant changes on your site can be daunting. Thus, when you keep it simple, the application works smoothly and without throwing your phone under a bus.

If yo think about it carefully, you will see that there is sense in both options. But to be objective and honest, we believe that the applications with an extent set of opportunities bring better user experience. It doesn’t mean that you will apply the whole functionality at once, but you will be more satisfied when having a full package at hand just for the cases when you will need something special at some moment. Moreover, mobile devices and applications become more and more advanced at a really fast pace, so very soon we might see them replacing laptops and desktop computers. This is why we state that the extent package or possibilities provides users with a better service.

In addition, website builder apps with a full package of tools makes it easy for users with no programming and coding experience or even an access to a PC to create a website in a couple of minutes. Today very few people do not have access to the smart phones, which means that almost anyone can create a simple website for any purpose, wherever he or she is. This solution is especially wise and efficient for the beginning startupers, who strive to set up a business project without spending much money.

Summing up

Of course, mobile applications are great for some minor actions and edits, but they are not perfect when it comes to crucial changes or creating something from scratch. Some of them are good, but there is still a long way to travel before they will leave computers behind and win the digital monopoly. It is possible to create a nice website using your mobile device only, but when you start researching and digging in different tools, you will see that this is a complicated task.